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Real-time reporting in an agile work environment





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As one of Europe's largest energy providers, E.ON employs external freelancers on many projects. This cooperation is extremely important for integrating valuable ideas and disciplines into the team. Effective and efficient coordination is the key to successful collaboration. For the largest European digitalisation project, we worked on an app for time tracking and administration, which greatly simplifies the entire process, relieves the overhead workload for everyone involved and creates new insights.


Effective use of resources
The solution minimises the required effort fo all project participants. The resources freed up can be used for project development.

Trust & reliability
External freelancers benefit from faster onboarding and simple and transparent time tracking.

Real-time reporting
Due to the higher quality of the data, which is also available earlier, the PMO (Project Management Office) can react quicker and more effectively to changes. The error rate in recording, reporting and budgeting is minimised. The available data and overview provides the PMO with an optimal basis for decision management.



Time tracking should not be a full-time job
Time tracking using spreadsheets or other outdated methods is complicated, not always reliable and requires a lot of communication. It consumes valuable time and can be exhausting. 

An agile environment needs real-time controlling
Effective orchestration of interdisciplinary teams requires deliberate decisions. In a constantly changing context, tools are needed that support those responsible in making decisions in real time.



We began with an assessment of the current state of the time tracking method. The process in use was analysed based on the user groups involved and their communication channels. At the end of each month, the recorded hours were manually sent as spreadsheets by the freelancers and then reviewed by the PMO. Both perceived the process as too time-consuming and resource-intensive.

As a result, the two user journeys - the one of the PMO and the one of the employees - were redefined. We placed speficic emphasis on a seamless link between processes. We also took into account the case that times were booked incorrectly and developed a correction process. In addition, we developed a dashboard and administration desktop web-app for the PMO.


Time tracking generates a range of data that needed to be clearly presented and easy to edit and manage. The process for employees was divided into two steps: Time recording and transfer. This way, the bookings can be made flexibly on a day-to-day basis. The PMO can approve and track the booking activities when they have time.

The starting point for the interface design was E.ON's design system. Based on the guidelines, new elements such as the calendar selection were developed to enable new functionality. The design of the app fits seamlessly into the E.ON world.

Management Platform

The management and approval of booked working hours of project members is essential to keep track of the project status and budget. In addition to the mobile app, we developed a dashboard that visually presents all data. Due to the flexible and continuos bookings it's possible to adapt to changing circumstances when they arise.

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